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    Black Leather Glass Flask Gift Set (Single Shot 100mL + Double Shot 240mL) Limited Stock Sale

    Redefining the Sip: Discover the Ragproper Modern Glass Hip Flask


    Sophisticated Sipping: Immerse yourself in luxury with Ragproper's Modern Glass Hip Flasks. This 100ml Single Shot & 240ml Double Shot flasks, draped in striking Black full-grain leather, not only provides an excellent grip but makes a true style statement. Whether it's whiskey, rum, or another cherished spirit, here elegance meets pure functionality.

    All-in-One Pouring Experience: Crafted from durable, break-resistant glass, this flask assures a pristine, metal-free taste. Featuring a gun metal lid, a plastic cork-lined cap, and silicone liners, it ensures no precious drop is wasted. Additionally, the thoughtfully designed funnel ensures each pour is a smooth affair.

    Compact, No-Spill Design: The Ragproper Flask, precisely tailored to fit comfortably in your hand, is the trusty guardian of your spirits during travel. Its clever easy-pour window, nestled within the leather, makes checking your liquid levels a breeze.

    Your Versatile Companion: Whether you're embarking on a rugged hike, enjoying a tranquil fishing session, or dancing away at a concert, this flask, shielded by its robust full-grain leather, is your reliable sidekick. Built to adapt to various lifestyles, its reinforced glass design stands the test of time.

    The Ragproper Legacy: Channeling the age-old ethos of "dress well", "Ragproper" is more than a brand—it's a commitment. Our journey began with the desire to elevate the drinking experience, leading to the revival of the iconic glass flask, but with a modern twist.

    A Touch of Exclusivity: Our patented designs are a class apart, offering a unique glass drinking encounter.

    What’s Inside?

    • 100 mL Break Resistant Glass Flask encased in Black Full-Grain Leather
    • 240 mL Break Resistant Glass Flask encased in Black Full-Grain Leather
    • 2  Gun Metal Cork-lined Lids
    • 2 Sneaky Plastic Cork-lined Lids
    • 2  Precision Smooth Pour Funnels
    • 4  Silicone lid liners (serving as cork lid liner replacements)

    The attached leather sleeve, while fixed, can be simply cleaned with a damp cloth.

    Note: Excluding VAT.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    ryland smith
    Exactly as advertised.

    Good enough

    Thomas McDonald
    The site was easy to navigate and complete the order.

    These flasks are no joke. Heavy-duty glass and very classy leather wrap make these a nice way to carry a little of your favorite beverage. Be aware of the weight of these flasks, they are not light-weight. They came complete with additional tops, funnels, and gaskets.

    Todd Conley

    The initial quality is amazing, I am not disappointed in my purchase

    Manuel Garcia

    Amazing product.

    Ryan Wozniak
    Amazing experience

    High Quality